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A Tribute
 We often forget that behind every great website, is a driven person
- - -  a person who devotes countless energies to providing us with the
guidance, knowledge and skills needed for us to be able to lead a
better quality of life. On June 14th 2007, Peter Mason Wilson (Pete)
passed on after a lengthy bout with pneumonia. Pete's website
www.portableoxygen.org is reputed to be the ultimate resource for
information on Oxygen, its usage and especially the equipment
available to us.

Pete, born in New York, NY on March 14, 1934, lived in New York,
Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Georgia during his undergraduate
years. After graduating from Georgia Tech with a degree in
Industrial Management, Pete's true love and drive for the
educational field began to take shape. In 1965, he received his
masters degree in Mathematics Education, and later, in 1975 his Ph.D
in Design & Management of Postsecondary Education from Florida
State. Majoring in Instructural Design utilizing multimedia took
Pete into some very interesting and challenging educational areas.
Later, as Pete developed COPD, he teamed up with his wife Lois, who
also had received her degree in Instructional Design, to begin to
create educational materials about Oxygen.

On June 5, 2000 Pete created PortableOxygen.org, the start of what
we know today to be the most complete and comprehensive resource for Oxygen users. Later, along with Lois, his wife of 50 years, Pete
began to create DVDs about Oxygen use. Some of these DVDs are
currently in the final reviewing stages. Several will become
available in the near future - the culmination of Pete's drive to
educate through the use of multimedia.

Pete's vision and drive have provided us with such a valuable
resource. Lois has already taken the steps necessary to insure that
this valuable asset, Pete's life's work, will not be lost.
Provisions are in place to insure that we will have access
to the information that we need and depend on.

Rest well my friend - for you have a huge following of admirers
who will benefit from your dedication, for years to come


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